Thursday, December 15, 2005

Common Threads

Punk kid in skull cap
Jogging mommy in pink fleece
Ipod cords for both

How do you like my Haiku? It seem to be the only poetry I can actually do. And it gives me something to occupy my brain with on my runs- something other than To Do lists.
I wrote this particular piece when I was running down my street the other day. The high school had let out and the kids were walking home. I was feeling a little bit old as I ran past a few packs of mostly boys. Luckily it was boys and not girls with pony tails or I would have worried more about how my thighs looked in Under Armour tights. Anyway, I got a nod from one particularly punk looking kid. He was the type that didn't appear to smile at much, but he recognized our matching Ipod cords and I got a nod. I was so excited! The best part was I was listening to Green Day at the time and not Tony Bennett's Greatest Hits!


morgan said...

We used to be them, those punk kids. That's what one thing that is strange about getting older. I sometimes feel like saying, "I am you! Just older. And you will be me one day." It's no so bad.

And Green Day, one of my favorite band (along with the Pixies) and perfect for running.

Kimberly said...

I couldn't agree more!