Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Boston & Mommyhood

It's been awhile since I've blogged over here :)  I promise to be better!!  Getting the hang of 3 kids is hard!  How do you mom's of 3 or more do it? Advice please!

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BOSTON MARATHON BIBS were announced. For those of you who don't know [I didn't either] Boston is one of the very few, if only, race where your number is based on how fast you are. The lower your number the faster you are. Literally on race morning you walk around and look at every person's number. oooo he's fast oooo man look at her she's even faster.....It's sort of like highschool or something.

My number this year is #8625. My previous # was 14843. I went down over 6,000!! My number is fast enough to put my in the 1st wave[there are 3 waves this year for the 1st time - each starting 20 minutes after each other]. Okay so who cares about waves? Well really it doesn't matter, getting to Boston is what counts. The reason I care is because I used to run 11 minute miles. So to me the wave reminds me that all the runs I went on, all the situps and pushups I did, all the tempos after sleepless nights, all the things I sacrificed, were worth it. My number makes me smile because it says to me Dorothy, hard work pays off.

Are you running Boston? What does your number say to you?

Today I will share the last 24 hours -

I made baby C sleep in his room last night for the entire night, for the first time. I'd like to say that he slept the whole night or that I didn't have to make 8+ trips into his room to replace his pacifier, calm him down and/or feed him - he didn't sleep and I did all that and more. At about 3 am I was questioning why I decided now was a good idea to make him sleep in his room. Oh yeah cause I need sleep and I'm not getting ANY. I ended up curling up on his rocking chair and sleeping for over an hour in there before walking back to my room. I'm exhausted.

For those of you who don't have kids - I'll fill you in on something - sleep will become more valuable to you than gold. Some parents get lucky and have kids who sleep through the night at 8 weeks. Me not so much. I've been told by friends that my kids sleep issues, meaning their lack of sleeping, is somehow my fault. It's not. Chloe, Miles and Colton take after their mommy and daddy - they are early risers and have way too many things they would rather be doing than sleeping [or so I like to tell myself].

Coffee is my best friend. I dream about it.

For some crazy reason the traffic was insane this morning. Chloe was late to school for the FIRST TIME EVER. I'm a crazy freak when it comes to being on time for things. I was so nervous walking her in to school. It was as if I was 10 years old and was going to be scolded by the teacher. Silly thing was that LOTS of other parents appeared to be late as well. TWO HOURS later baby C, Miles and I were back home. Yes I said two hours. Chloe's school is less than 20 miles away and it took us 2 hours to get her there and get back home this morning.

Did I mention already that I was exhausted before I even took her?

Here's the bright light to the day.

Last night before I went to bed I wrote a list of what I wanted to accomplish today and stuck it to the fridge. When I got home I wanted to collapse on the floor and sleep. I didn't. I got on with the day. I got completely caught up on the dishes, laundry, and ironing. All in between baby snuggles, playtime with Miles and attempting to get caught up on my Bible Study lessons.

When hubby got home I was able to head OUTSIDE for a 6 mile run. I also finally ran with my heart rate monitor for the first time ever. I've only owned it for a year so I figured it was about time I figure out how to use it!

Today I am proud of myself for getting all I wanted accomplished, getting in a run, and keeping a positive attitude despite the rocky start to my day and a serious lack of sleep.

What are you proud of yourself for today? Tell us!


Jill said...

I know I'm commenting late, but I just found your blog (and I love it)!! This is so encouraging to me because I do run 10/11 min. miles!!! Props to you!!

I just tore the tendon behind my knee training for my first half....it's been almost 3 weeks since I've ran and I am going crazy!!! My Physical Therapist says I should be back out in about 4 weeks - but have to start sllooooww. Running is my ONE stress reliever, it's my ONE way to get a break from the kids, it's MY thing that I never thought I would love so much. I never consider myself a "runner" but now that I can't do it, I see how valuable it was to me. I can't wait to get back out there.

I look forward to reading more blog posts. =)

Crumbs said...

Man, I've been out of the loop just adding a 2nd child!!

Congrats on your Boston entry AND awesome bib number! (And knowing that you can go from an 11 min/mile to Boston is MORE than inspiring!!)

Good luck!!