Monday, August 17, 2009

Get Ready for School With EXERCISE

I have been reading a ton of information about getting kids ready for school. In my case, I am extremely anxious about my oldest starting kindergarten in a few weeks. I go through bouts of anxiety, sadness, worry, and every other emotion. I mean...that's my baby! She's going to school!

At any rate, while reading tons of info on school readiness I came across some helpful info for any moms out there who have kids who act out when they get to school - or those who have ADHD - or those who have sensory disorders - or any sort of behavioral issues that they do not demonstrate at home. It seems the best way to calm kids down so that they pay attention at school is EXERCISE!!! Yep, 10 minutes of physical activity first thing in the morning BEFORE they get to school.

HERE IS WHAT I READ (from Kirk Martin from "Celebrate Calm"):

There is one thing that every child needs before school and in many ways, it is more important than a good breakfast: EXERCISE. I always get pushback from parents on this recommendation, but I cannot tell you how many skeptical parents have written to say, "This works." Exercise before school. This is exactly why we need to re-order our lives so we have more time. We need to carve out an extra 10 minutes each morning to get some kind of exercise, preferably outside in the fresh air. Riding a bike/scooter, jumping on the trampoline or playing catch with Dad are great ways to stimulate the brain, work off anxiety and meet sensory needs. Walk the dog. Stop at a playground or get to school early to play for a few minutes. You will never, ever regret taking this time-it will reduce behavioral issues and improve attention.


Anonymous said...

I run with the jogger while my *gulp* EIGHTH grader rides her bike to school. It truly is a wonderful way to start the day.

runningfor3 said...

Yes! This is why we walked to kindergarten pretty much rain or shine everyday last year. My daughter is NOT a morning person, so if we did the 2 min drive in the car every morning, I would have dropped her off grumpy every morning. By taking the 10 minute walk each morning, she had the extra time she needed to come around and was happy and cheerful by the time we got to the door.

Anonymous said...

Saw a little boy running a lap around the front of the elementary school today. His mom says he does it every morning. I bet that kid's teacher loves having him in class!