Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to School

So our routine swung back into place this morning with the noticeable change that my daughter is much more grown up than she was at the same time last year.
We had breakfast first because she likes to talk at breakfast and if we wait to eat until after she's showered, we'll never be on time.
She did her teen thing, with the eyeliner and the fancy doo. I did my mom thing and laced up my running shoes. Ace climbed into his jogger, Susanne hopped on her bike and after sneaking past our dog, who loses her mind when she discovers she's not going with us, we were off.
It was a beautiful morning. No humidity. A soft breeze. Perfect.
Susanne split apart from us at about .5 mile (with shouts of, 'I love you!' and 'Have a great day!') Then we crossed back across to the playground. He was so happy to be back in his routine.
All said, the trip took nearly 90 minutes and I'd actually only ran for 20 of them. What a great morning!
Of course, tomorrow will be chaotic and I'll wonder why I even try, right?

This morning was definitely one for the memory books.

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