Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Newsflash! Socially Inept Recluse Ventures Out

Awhile back, I confessed that I haven't raced since high school. I have another terrible confession. I am a recluse. I prefer complete and silent solitude. I run alone. I cook alone. I read alone. I lift weights alone. I write alone. (There are a few things I don't do alone and for those things I have had the great fortune of marrying my {roll your eyes now} soulmate.)

For my son's sake, I do make the occasional effort to go where other people will be. This morning it was to the park. There were LOTS of people running and exercising. I nodded my head pleasantly to them as my boy pointed out the numerous ducks. We were venturing down a slope when I became aware of movement behind me. A man was riding his bike and actually had to veer off the walkway into the grass. He informed me, in passing, that I was on the wrong side of the path. That I should stay on the right.

I was taken aback. And my bright and shiny morning was on the verge of being destroyed.

Please help me. Is there a right or wrong side to walk on in a city park? The path is not marked and it is not posted anywhere. I am not afraid to tell people smoking is not allowed in a public park but, then again, I am able to point to the city ordinance which states the law.

Also, I came across a group of mommies with their joggers. A very energetic and extremely fit (her shoulders absolutely dwarfed mine!) young mother informed me that she leads a Baby Boot Camp. She invited me to join the group for a free first class on Thursday and you know what? I'm going to do it! This recluse is stepping out!


Crumbs said...

I just use road rules: I tend to stay right, pass left; but I have been known to wander into the middle of a path without knowing it (especially on long runs).

But I also think anyone passing (on bike or quickly on foot), should call out in warning that they are going to be "Passing left" to give you a chance to move out of the way - and to not scare the crap out of you or ruin your morning when they go by.

runningfor3 said...

I agree with Crumbs. It is often posted, but "Trail Etiquette" consistently encourages passing on the left, slower traffic staying to the right and most importantly, hailing "On your left" or a similar statement before passing (with caution, of course). I often hail "on your left" as I pass others while I run with my stroller since we are a wide load!

When running or biking in a group, one should go single file whenever other runners or bikers are around as well.