Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Lights for Life - help kids with cancer

 Lights for Life
My sweet little niece just turned 3 in October.  The entire family gathered for this very important birthday.  You see, our angel Sophie was diagnosed last Thanksgiving with a brain tumor.  If you would like to read more details you can read her parents beautifully written BLOG HERE.  She has been through a lot.

She is still struggling and the doctors have said she is now terminal.  Her parents are desperately seeking trials with new treatments with the hopes of simply stopping the new growth of the tumor.

If you would like to help KIDS FIGHT CANCER I stumbled upon a very simple way anyone can help.  Its called LIGHTS FOR LIFE.  You find a donation center and take all those pesky string of lights that have stopped working.  READ MORE ABOUT LIGHTS FOR LIFE HERE.  We appreciate your being willing to help in this simple yet important way.  Every little thing can help.

 Lights for Life

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