Monday, February 18, 2013

Week 8 Style Challenge: Necklace Stack

Thank goodness last week's challenge is O-V-E-R.  Dresses + Homeschool Mom + 5 month old = NO NEED TO WEAR A FREAKING DRESS.  I tried, I really did.  I searched for an occasion to wear a dress.  Then the cold crept in and I got even MORE lazy about working a dress into my wardrobe.  Had it been a SWEATS challenge - I would have nailed it!

On to this week....
Tra la la la la....

I'm a crafter.  I have necklaces.  Lots of necklaces.  Half of which I have crafted myself.  Or my crafty queen  friend AMY has crafted for me.  Or my jewelry design extraordinaire VAL has gifted me.  

So this week's challenge is NECKLACE STACKING.  Not just one petite little pearl on a strand kind of necklace.  Oh no!  Grab a few...blindfolded if you dare...and wear them around your neck.

This I can do.  I have a few outings planned this week.  I THINK I CAN.  NO....I WILL SUCCEED.

Love Stacks

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