Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rainy Days

I don't dislike them.

Have you ever noticed how life seems to slow just a little on a day where it's wet?

For this reason I've never hated rainy days. In high school I can remember many a time getting excited about an impending thunderstorm. Dumping buckets of warm water on everything. Being so excited that I wanted to act like I was 5 again. Wanting to run outside and splash in large puddles. I did.

Sometimes I feel the same now. At 28 the urge to put on a t-shirt and go run around outside barefoot splashing around has not gone away. It's a tad chilly for it today but I am reminded that I need to teach my children this easy and carefree activity. To learn to love every day for what it brings, not just the sunny ones.

Sure rain can mess with a run. Especially if you have kids and they don't want to be wet and cold for hours. But I appreciate the rain just the same. It nourishes the earth, much like a tall glass of water when I am desperately thirsty. I thirst so why not let the grass, the trees, the flowers be quenched as well.

I'm glad for the slow down today - I needed the rest.


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dpnesci said...

just wanted to say i love your post! Sometimes we get so wrapped up in making sure the kids don't get dirty, make sure they keep things in order..but sometimes i have to remember.."they're just kids" not everything is going to be perfect. Why not let them get outside and jump in puddles?? Just to see their smiles would make it spectacular!