Saturday, March 13, 2010

my purple tutu

I am going to try being one of those runners, one who pulls on a tutu over the running tights. I have bought myself a purple one -- seemed the best color choice. (I'm not such a pink person.) And I am excited about the whole idea. I enjoyed picking out my ensemble for the race more than I usually do.

I am wearing it for the St Patrick's Day 8K tomorrow. The race is a festive dress-up kind of one, though a green tutu might be more appropriate -- but I don't have one of those. And the race is a shorter distance, so I can test run the tutu for next weekend's National Half Marathon. That's the ultimate plan, people!

My time goal? Around 40 minutes. But I have not run a race since November 2009, and I've had an injury, so we'll see what I can pull out, especially in a tutu. But I also don't care so much about being faster and faster anymore. Though I still like being kind of fast. And, in a purple tutu, kinda fast will also be fun.

Look for me if you are in downtown DC on Sunday morning at 9am -- Pennsylvania Avenue and 13th Street!

The next question: How do I wash the tutu?


morgan said...

I finished the 8K in 38:27, and in the purple tutu -- excellent! I learned that people do not want a purple tutu to finish before them. Mostly men seemed to feel the need to sprint past me, though most faded soon after doing so, and I reeled most of those back in by the end. With the purple tutu comes the responsibility to kick some butt. Right?

Crumbs said...

Hooray for the tutu! I'm sure you helped a few guys set PR just trying to keep up with you.
Great power, indeed.

Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal said...

Oh it wasn't the TUTU - it was the fact that you are a woman ;) Men HATE getting beat by women in races(in my opinion anyways). I love the shirts that say you just got *chicked* - haha.