Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Snow, snow, snow and more snow. This past weekend we got 30 inches of snow at our house. This made running outside nearly impossible. Now the weatherman is calling for a possible 10 more today?! I love snow, I think it's beautiful...BUT...I'm wishing it wasn't interfering with my running. How are all you east coast ladies managing to get in runs? The treadmill? This girl is ready for spring!


seeMOMMYrun said...

The worst part is the rate at which this snow is melting!!!! Can't it melt quickly like the Wicked Witch, "I'm melting, meeeeelllltttting!" Poof! At least we can now run in the middle of the streets. And, boy, have I seen plenty of runners doing that.

morgan said...

A late reply -- now that the snow is near gone (a month later): During the snow overload, I had to give up early morning runs because there was too much overnight icing after each daily melting. So I figured out ways to run during the day, in the middle of the road. I have no treadmill, so that was not an option. I did sometimes use my road bike hooked up to the spin wheel and do a rigorous spin routine instead of venturing out. Now that the snow is almost gone -- I kinda miss how spectacular it was. Kinda.