Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mr. Motivation

Yesterday morning my son woke me up - dashed were my hopes of getting in a run before my daughter's ballet class. After class, picking my mom up at the airport, heading to Whole Foods and the craft store[have I mentioned I love *crafts*?] - I was exhausted. I kept telling myself that I would run on the treadmill as soon as my son went down for a nap. I didn't want to take Monday as a rest day - after all it is the first day of the week and what am I? A wimp? Nap time came and I choose to do art projects with Chloe. We had a grand old time making stuff out of this nifty little art kit she got for her birthday. I knew somehow I had misplaced my motivation and needed to find it.

I wrote my husband an email and asked if I could run outside once he got home from work. After a week straight of treadmill runs I figured my body could use a [real] run outdoors. Hubby came home and I still was not able to locate mr. motivation[yes my motivation is a man] Nicely my husband informed me that he didn't run the errands he had planned on running so I could run. OK. If I wasn't able to find my motivation I certainly found my guilt and got dressed quickly.

I had intended on running mile repeats at the track - so I did a nice warm up of 2 miles[I'm trying to be better about actually warming up].

mile 1 - 8:21
mile 2 - 8:21

"excuse me" yes "do you know the code to the track" ummm I do but I can't remember it "well you gotsa go" *me stunned* OK. So I left the track...normally something like this would irritate me, anger me, frustrate me - but I'm trying to roll with the punches these days. Instead of thinking arg - this lady - ruined my workout - I felt hmmm maybe I was supposed to do a tempo today. So I headed out for a 4 mile tempo

mile 3 - 7:20
mile 4 - 7:10
mile 5 - 7:11
mile 6 - 7:14

mental note to self - figure out what my tempo pace is supposed to be

mile 7 - 8:50

I run past the track on my way home and notice that the other doors were wide open. Seriously that woman kicked me out because she needed to lock the gate but left three other gates open?! People amaze me.

mile 8 - 8:27

8 miles good effort in the dark[yes I wore reflective - not to worry]. The Christmas lights were amazing. I found myself humming holiday tunes. Hooray for my new found roll with the punches attitude - I hope it lasts. Turned what normally would have been a frustrated run into a great one.

I was so excited about the new lights I saw, that I packed up the kids after dinner and drove all around town looking at them. Christmas music blaring - we were all dancing up a storm in the car. Life felt great.

Happy Holidays ~ Run Happy

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