Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Signing off

Andrea, I was just going to post a little story about how much I have enjoyed blogging for seeMOMMYrun and about how I'm in such wonderful shape because I form what I will write while I exercise. And then I was going to sign off and invite somebody else to become a blogger for your site so that she might also experience the personal transformation that takes place.

Then I realized that I should probably talk to you about it first, to let you know before the rest of the world. While a blogger for your site, I can honestly say I became a different, improved, healthier person. The process of blogging about one's efforts to be a mother as well as somebody else is transformative.

I am still going to post that little story I mentioned above, I might just post the body of this email. I can't wait to follow the experiences of the next blogger(s).

So, thanks! I hope we are able to meet each other in person some day.

S. Kimzey Daniels

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Crumbs said...

Ohh - you're done? Sorry to "see" you go - I've so enjoyed your posts. Don't be a stranger - perhaps one day we'll all have a See Mommy Run meet up!

Good luck!