Monday, April 27, 2009

Muddy Buddy 09

I haven't raced since high school. It feels good to say that, what I imagine giving your identity at an AA meeting feels like. I don't know, sometimes it just feels like I don't have the fire anymore. I used to run and race because I didn't like the circumstances which constituted my life. I love my life now and I've finally found the race to display that joy. The 2009 Muddy Buddy. Crumbs, the Austin race is year, though, I imagine you'll be more than ready to get down and dirty.

I am really looking forward to this. I have my Muddy Buddy and we are going to have so much fun!


Crumbs said...

in a chorus around the blogsphere: Welcome!

I totally want to do the muddy buddy. Weird challenges, mud and great photo ops - SOLD!

You got me thinking about what kind of races I like and I realized that I like events, not races. As in: I like half-marathons because they are mobile parties (back in my pace), and 5K/10ks where people have on costumes. I'm not remotely fast (and not from lack of trying!) so I don't pretend to "race."

Anonymous said...

I may not be fast, either, but I sure know how to have fun! I didn't always know how to have fun, at least fun as defined by well-adjusted human beings. It took alot of lonely miles to discover it.

Cheaannette said...

I haven't ran since I was a child and my sister had the bright idea to sign us up for Muddy buddy in Dallas. We run this weekend and I'm just praying I make it alive. lol. I think it will be a blast though. So how did my siter talk me into running? She got me with the fact that we can dress up. We may not win the race ,but we WILL win the costume contest!