Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Born to Run

While thumbing through the December addition of Runner’s World today, I came across a Letter from a daughter about the joys of running with her father and everything they have gone through together during their runs, from job changes to new boyfriends. I have never run with my own parents, but I have forged lifelong friendships with other women through marathon training and early morning runs. Running seems to bond you in a way you only get from the passage of time, and time is relative. The same hour spent drinking a cup of coffee is completely different than an hour spent pounding the pavement.

I enjoy taking Harry out in his jogger, and while I struggle up hills, I remind myself that I am setting a good example for him, as well as getting him some fresh air and quiet time. Now, I realize, I am also paying it forward. I am instilling in my son a love of sport, so that I may have a lifelong running buddy!

Okay, maybe that sounds a little selfish. But how great will it be when Harry can really run with me? Think of all of the great discussions we will have. All of the bonding time! That is, if I can keep up with him. I guess I will also need to instill in him the joy of being a penguin! A whole new brand of guilt: I pushed you uphill in your jogger for 26 miles! The least you can do is slow down for your old mom!

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